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 y now, you may be Ready to Move Forward, but you are Unsure what you need, what you want, can you afford it, How to begin and probably a million other questions. We'll be happy to answer questions and provide you with some guidance as you move forward. But first you'll need to understand how the rehearsal process works.

   Good rehearsals are meant to "practice the ideas" before opening night.  Our Rehearsals are basically an exchange of ideas, a dance of the minds, per se, meant to guide you through the process, with you being involved "as little, or as much" as you want. Therefore, You can learn to dance or you can sing or you can play the haunted swaying tree. It's your choice, either way, in the end we'll show you our vision and we'll be confident it's the same vision you had.

   Contact us today and let us, "help you" take your image a step further.

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